Thursday, March 22, 2012

Headband and Barrette Holder

I realize the photo steps on this post are backward and I really have given up trying to figure out why! Here we go anyway! I've been looking at a lot of headband and barrette organizers on pintrest. I've seen frames ,fabric ,cup hooks and canvas. Here's what I came up with! I started with an artist canvas and masking tape ( I had no painters tape in the house) to create my stripes. I used acrylic paint from the craftstore and a foam brush. I think it took about 3 coats of each color to get the look I wanted. After it was good and dry I measured and cut my ribbon. I used 2 kinds since I wanted skinny for the barrettes and thick for the headbands. Using a plain old stapler I attached the ribbon to the back. Next I added a push-in type of picture hangar. These things are great I didn't even need a hammer! I hung it with a command hook (yet another great invention) and DONE!

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