Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mini Greenhouses

I managed to get 1 project done that I've been meaning to do! I found this in Garden Gate Magazine. You can turn old milk containers into mini greenhouses. They claim that even if it gets below freezing this will work. We've been having crazy warm weather here. It's been floating around 70 degrees all week. I thought I'd give it a shot since I have a small home and hate to have seedlings everywhere inside. Not to mention a wild 2 year old and 3 cats in the house! I've never planted broccoli before and I hear they like cool weather so I needed to get them started. As you can see from my photos I never got around to my fall clean-up. This also allows the procrastinator in me to put it off just a little longer. The basics are- Start with a clean milk jug (ditch the lid you won't need it) and cut about 4 inches up almost all the way around making a flip top. Poke some drainage holes in the bottom (I did about 10) and add dirt. They said to put damp soil in but I just added water until the soil was moist NOT SOAKING! Plant the seeds according to directions. Put the top back on and tape closed with clear packing tape. I tried to seal it the best I could with the tape. I had my wonderful daughter label them (yes she used pink of course) and put them in the garden. According to the article nature should do the rest. When it rains they get watered...easy right? According to my seed packs the broccoli will take about 10-21 days to germinate, Cosmos 5-10, and African Daisys about 7-14. As the seeds get bigger just flip the top! When it's warm enough, usually around mother's day around here, just transplant right to the garden. I'll check them in about a week and post the progress! I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR!

Just an update ...there are seeds growing in all my greenhouses. They even managed to survive my 2 year old son turning 1 upside down and putting pulled weeds into another. Ya really gotta watch them don't ya?

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