Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Under bed curtain

We bought this Ikea bunk bed for our daughter when she was about 4. i loved the idea of having her toys under it. Storage was important in her small room that has 2 windows 2 doors and a radiator. The wall that her bed is up against used to be a doorway to the master bedroom and was closed off when we did the room for her. Before that it was our computer room and she was in the extra-tiny "baby room" that her brother would be using. I always thought it would be great to put up a curtain to hide the mess. While looking at Ikea hackers I saw that others had done it and even painted it. I wish I'd thought of that before it was put together! Yesterday I spent an hour trying to hang the curtain I made (yes Julia picked out the fabric) with eye hooks string and then rolled twist tie and eye hooks. It drooped way too much from the weight so I broke down and got a shower curtain tension rod to hang it up. I added some fringe I had leftover from almost 7 years ago when I did the baby room. I think it turned out pretty well although I wish the rod was just a little longer so I could have covered up behind the ladder.

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